Specialized Services for Business and Enterprise Customers

Data Migrations

We can facilitate the process of transferring your company’s email server to a cloud based solution such as Google (Gsuite) or Microsoft Office 365. Migrating your data to the cloud is a modern necessity to reduce costs, increase stability and increase security.

Cloud Solutions

Operating your business in the cloud is more cost effective and secure than it has ever been. Contact us today to see which of your current services can be moved to a cloud based solution, whether it be file sharing, data back ups, email hosting and more.

VOIP Phones

Switching away from analog phones to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is more realistic today than it has ever been before, and is becoming a ‘given’ in most business environments. With a far lower cost structure, and greater flexibility, it is worth the upgrade.

Disaster Recovery

Hopefully you became our customer in advance of an actual emergency, because with proper back up solutions there should never be a disaster. However, we are there for you if you didn’t and can help you get your data back up and running in the event of a near catastrophe.

Data Backups

Backing up your data is often one of the most overlooked things we come across in IT, and is easily one of the most important. Allow us to set you up with secure, encrypted backups both locally and in the cloud, so that you never have to worry about your data again.

Network Security

The security of your network is very important. We can help protect your network both from intrusion, and also from infection such as ransomware. Please schedule an appointment today for us to audit your current network setup and to see how it can be improved.

Managed Services

Looking for a more traditional managed services provider? After inspecting your network and your needs, we would be happy to configure a monthly service plan tailored specifically for your business to handle your maintenance, tech support, and repairs when they are needed.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are cheaper in price and higher in quality than ever before. Protect your business, assets, and staff by having us install modern digital security cameras at your office. You will be able to monitor your office while away remotely, and all footage can be recorded electronically.

Cabling / Wiring

Whether you are acquiring a new office space, or expanding your existing one, we specialize in cabling to get you up and running. Please call us today to set up an inspection for your next data and phone line runs. We can also make wireless recommendations when appropriate.