Moving Safely To The Cloud

In today’s super-informed world, data is one of the most valuable assets any business can have. That’s why it’s so important for companies to feel confident when it comes to quickly, efficiently, and safely moving their data from one location to another.

In the past, businesses needed to host and use their own server, running their own email within their commercial environment. However, the expensive, and somewhat unpredictable nature of on-premise technology has left people searching for an alternative solution, which is where our data migration servers come in.

At Yoga Bear Computer Repair, our focus on data migration is all about helping you to move into the cloud, so that you no longer need a server within your own office or headquarters. We can help you move your data where it needs to go with complete peace of mind. Our storage specialists have years of experience protecting and managing digital information, so you can rest assured that you can transport your data with minimal disruptions, decreased risk, and reduced costs to your company.

Risk Free Data Migration

One of the most common reasons why companies find themselves searching for data migration services today is that the world is moving ever more rapidly towards the cloud environment. While, in the past, businesses stored most of their information on local hardware like discs, servers, and external hard drives, today’s companies are searching for a more scalable solution.

The flexibility and versatility of cloud storage make it a cost-effective and reliable solution for companies who want to give their business the freedom to grow without limits. Cloud storage solutions permit companies to access as much or as little bandwidth as they need at any given time, so you only ever pay for the services you’re using.
For many organizations, the cloud is:

• More secure and stable: Your data stays secure if your local network is hacked, or your office is exposed to a natural disaster
• Cost-effective: You only pay for what you need, and you can scale up or down as your business changes.
• Simple: Data back-ups on the cloud can be automated so you can rest assured that you’re constantly securing the latest versions of your most important files.

At Yoga Bear Computer Repair, we have the skills and experience to help make your move to the cloud as streamlined as possible, whether you’re making a complete transition, or you’re choosing a hybrid model of both cloud, and hosted data storage.

At Yoga Bear Computer Repair, we can remove the stress of the server from your business environment, helping you to make the most of your business. If you want to move your entire email system from your server onto the cloud, we can do that for you, through Gmail or Office 365. On the other hand, if you’re simply looking to transfer the data and files you have stored on a single local machine, we can help with that too.
With Yoga Bear Computer Repair Data Migration, you can:

• Reduce Costs: Streamline your data migration experience for a faster return on your investments
• Minimize Disruptions: Because we’re as speedy as we are cautious, you can reduce interruptions to your business operations with Yoga Bear Computer Repair.
• Reduce risks: Our skilled specialists will give you complete peace of mind using time-tested tools and years of experience.


With Yoga Bear Computer Repair, you can safely and quickly get rid of your internal server, and take full advantage of the cloud environment. Contact us today to find out more about our data migration services.