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A reminder to change your password

Michael Grippi Uncategorized 0 Comments

Hi Yoga Bear Customers –

There are reports surfacing that last night Yahoo! was hacked, and over 200 million user names and passwords may have been stolen in the process. All of our Yahoo! customers should change their passwords asap not only on Yahoo, but on any other web sites that they use the same username / password at.

The real reminder is that it is very smart to change all of your passwords at least once a year. These hacks happen all the time, and identify theft can be a nightmare. Changing your password is a great way to help protect yourself.

When choosing a password, it is best to not use words from the dictionary. You also want to rotate through capital and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

Example: If you like the password ‘teddybear1’, try using it like this next time to make it more secure: ‘T3ddyBe@r1’

Lastly, the longer the password, the harder it is to crack.

Have a great day!

– Michael Grippi, Owner of Yoga Bear Computer Repair

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