Why do people create computer viruses?

Why Do People Create Computer Viruses?

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You’d be right in thinking it’s hard to program a computer virus that can spread across the world in a flash – we’re talking days of constant desk-jockey nerd-work. So why do they bother? Well, it generally comes down to 3 reasons: Money, showing off their skill, or to simply being a jerk. While showing off or being a jerk …

Crucial Solid State Hard Drive

Should I upgrade my hard drive to a solid state drive? (SSD)

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There is an enormous benefit to solid state drives and we highly recommend them. Say goodbye to your hard drive. They are slow, clunky, and more likely to fail. With solid state technology, you probably won’t need your old drive anymore. Designed to replace traditional hard drives, solid state drives (SSDs) use flash memory to deliver vastly superior performance and …

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Apple sues Amazon: 90% of Apple components being sold on Amazon are counterfeit

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Hi Yoga Bear Customers – An interesting story has developed this past week that we thought we would share with you. Apple led an undercover sting operation and discovered that over 90% of the ‘genuine Apple components’ being sold on Amazon were actually counterfeit. We know how many of you turn to Amazon for your purchases of Apple Chargers, and …

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A reminder to change your password

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Hi Yoga Bear Customers – There are reports surfacing that last night Yahoo! was hacked, and over 200 million user names and passwords may have been stolen in the process. All of our Yahoo! customers should change their passwords asap not only on Yahoo, but on any other web sites that they use the same username / password at. The …

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So what is ransomware anyways?

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So what is Ransomware anyways? Ransomware has been in the news a lot lately, and we thought it would be a good time to update our customers on just what exactly Ransomware is and how to protect yourself from getting infected or ransomed. In many ways Ransomware is like a traditional computer virus. It is a malicious program, that usually …


HP Has been hacked. Watch out for scam phone calls.

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Hi Yoga Bear Customers – We have some Sacramento computer repair news for you. Just wanted to send out a warning post to all of our customers with HP computers this morning. If you do not have a HP computer, you can probably ignore this email – although it could be a decent read to help prevent you from being …