HP Has been hacked. Watch out for scam phone calls.

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Hi Yoga Bear Customers –

We have some Sacramento computer repair news for you.

Just wanted to send out a warning post to all of our customers with HP computers this morning. If you do not have a HP computer, you can probably ignore this email – although it could be a decent read to help prevent you from being hacked/scammed in the future.

We were alerted this morning that HP’s databases have been breached, and that the hackers are using the information to create a pretty elaborate scam for HP customers. Customers are receiving phone calls from what appears to be the main HP technical support 1-800 phone number, however the number has actually been spoofed (made to look legitimate, when in fact it is not). The scammers sound legitimate, as they have the customer contact information as well as the system information for the HP computers the customer purchased / is using. They then attempt to convince the customer to allow them remote access to their machine, and try to get credit card information etc. HP is aware of the scam and the database breach.

The best rule of thumb: Never allow anyone via the phone access to your computer remotely unless they are someone you know, or have worked with in the past. If ever you are unsure, just give us a call and we will give you our 2 cents on whether it sounds safe or not. The vast majority of the time these days it is a scam… especially if they were the ones who contacted you. Stay safe Sacramento!

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– Michael (Owner of Yoga Bear Computer Repair)


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